2010 NFL Mock Draft

Ok, here it is. I waited until after the Combine, even though it didn’t change much. Let me know what you think. Please leave some comments. Do you think your team should draft someone else? We can discuss my mock draft and other sporting news on my weekly chat, this Monday March 9th at 1 p.m. Comment if you plan on attending. Thanks

Updated 3/17

1. St. Louis- QB Sam Bradford- Oklahoma

Obvious number one pick. As long as everything checks out with Bradford’s health, the Rams cannot afford to skip on this franchise quarterback. He added 20 pounds to handle playing in the NFL. With Bulger soon to be gone, it’s important St. Louis addresses this need first.

 2. Detroit- DT Ndamukong Suh-Nebraska

The Lions love this. They get Suh at #2 and shore up their run defense. Suh is a pure run stopper. He can clog up the middle of the defense for the Lions and create a bigger pass rush.

3. Tampa Bay- DT Gerald McCoy-Oklahoma

Tampa is happy with either DT that falls to them. They have lacked the big DT up front for years and now they get their man. This will help reconstruct the defense. Plus, he has great speed and can pressure the QB.

4. Washington- QB Jimmy Clausen-Notre Dame

One of the biggest guesses in the draft. Mike Shanahan wants to make a big splash and get a new QB, and here it is. But, with their star LT retiring, the Skins need to address that as well.  I think the Skins go QB with Clausen or Bradford, if available, and worry about LT with the 2nd round or free agency. Clausen answered questions on his character and everyone knows how much of a competitor he is.

5. Kansas City- S Eric Berry-Tennessee

The Chiefs luck out with Bradford going first and pushing the other stars down the list. The Chiefs have needed some help on the defensive side of the ball and Berry will help tremendously. He is compared to Ed Reed as a safety. Berry can provide Kansas City with some defensive help along with the ability to attack the quarterback and step up and make tackles.

6. Seattle- OT Russell Okung-Oklahoma St.

Pete Carroll goes after a an offensive line stud who will help their quarterback stay upward. It will also help the Seahawks running game by grabbing a monster on the offensive line.

7. Cleveland-DE Jason Pierre Paul

Paul is a monster on the defensive line and Mike Holmgren will love him. He is a physical beast and has tremendous speed for a lineman. The Browns need someone to get to the QB and Paul is their guy.

8. Oakland- OL Bruce Campbell-Maryland

Who knows about this pick. Al Davis never does anything smart. Last year he took Heyward Bay over Crabtree and the year before it was JaMarcus Russell who is a joke. Hard to predict this pick, but Campbell is the lineman they need to give their QB time in the pocket.

9. Buffalo- OL Brian Bulaga-Iowa

The word out of One Bills Drive is Chan Gailey wants to try his QB’s on the roster and not use a top pick on a QB with so many other needs. Maybe this is true, maybe not. Maybe Gailey wants teams to think he is not interested in drafting a QB. Who knows. Either way with both QB gone, it doesn’t matter. Bulaga is a top OT that most teams are high on. He has great hands, upper body strength and quick feet. He will provide the Bills with a LT for years to come. A QB can come with the 2nd or 3rd round pick. There working out Tebow. Maybe in the 2nd round? We’ll see.

10. Jacksonville-DE Derrick Morgan

They need help at rushing the QB before they worry about anything else. Morgan helps out and don’t worry Florida fans, Tebow should probably be around in the second round.

11. Denver- WR Dez Bryant-Oklahoma State

Here is the big star WR the Broncos need. Who knows what is going on with Brandon Marshall, but now they have insurance if he leaves. Blazing speed, good height and a great jump. Can grab any ball near him, Larry Fitzgerald anyone?

12. Miami-  DT Bryan Price-UCLA

With the recent signing of Dansby, the Dolphins don’t have as big of need at LB. McClain can still be the choice but how can you pass up Priceat this spot. This is key for their strengthening of the defense. Price has quick speed, great penetration and is an amazing run stopper. Jason Ferguson their current DT is aging and bringing in Price can continue the 3-4 defense in Miami.

13.San Francisco- OL Anthony Davis-Rutgers

Alex Smith will be under center for the 49ers and Davis added to the line will only improve the 49ers offense, which will be dangerous this year. Smith needs to stay upward if he wants to be successful for the 49ers.

14.Seattle – (from Denver)- RB C.J. Spiller-Clemson

Carroll gets his RB here. Spiller, the best in the draft helps bolster the Seahawk run game now that Alexander and Julius Jones are gone. He can tandem with Justin Forsett as maybe the twoo team in the league as youngsters.

15. New York Giants- DE Brandon Graham-Michigan

With Pierce let go and problems with Usi, the Giants need a DE/LB and Graham will fit their scheme perfectly. He is quick, has upper body strength and knows how to get to the QB.

16.Tennessee- ILB Rolando McClain-Alabama

The Titans have now lost Kearse (years ago) and  Vanden-Bosch is gone too. Now, they need to replace them. McClain, meet the Titans. Titans, here is your linebacker. Bulluck is very old and may not be back. McClain is the middle linebacker the Titans need to command their defense.

17. San Francisco – (from Carolina)-DE Everson Griffen-USC

The 49ers used one pick to improve the offense and now here is the pick for the defense. Griffen can team up with recently franchise tagged Abrayo Franklin and be a force on the defensive line.

18. Pittsburgh- OL Maurkice Pouncey-Florida

With the Steelers offense very powerful, they just need to protect Big Ben a little more. Here is Pouncey to help out the line. He is regarded as a top guard or center and can be moved around to fit other needs on the line.

19. Atlanta-CB Joe Haden-Florida

The Falcons have needed help in the secondary and Haden provides the speed and size they need. He is an amazing tackler and great in coverage. He falls this low due to his 40 time at the combine and the fact that CB aren’t in need in picks 10-18. He can raise his stock at the pro day in Florida.

20. Houston- S Earl Thomas-Texas

With the defensive line and LB pretty much set for the Texans, Thomas helps their secondary and makes their defense greatly improved. Great ability to tackle with decent speed.

21. Cincinnati- TE Jermaine Gresham-Oklahoma

The Bengals have noticed how TE Heath Miller has helped the Pittsburgh offense and now they get help at their TE position to even more improve their offense. Gresham has had some questions about his knee injury but seems to have recovered just fine.

22. New England- OLB Sergio Kindle-Texas

Paired with Jerod Mayo, the Patriots start to put together a great trio of LB’s. Great speed for either a 4-3 or 3-4 LB. Will help the pass rush of the Patriots.

23. Green Bay-OL Mike Iupati

Aaron Rodgers got roughed up last year. Iupati will improve the O-Line and keep Rodgers more upright this year. Also, Iupati can help improve the run game and make Ryan Grant into a top RB in the league.

24. Philadelphia-  S-Taylor Mays-USC

Mays greatly improved his draft stock with a great combine. He showed great speed and strength. The Eagles have a hole at safety and fill it with the best safety in this year’s draft.

25. Baltimore- CB Kyle Wilson-Boise State

Now that the Ravens traded for Boldin and signed Stallworth, there need for a WR has diminished. A CB can really help them and now the Ed Reed is again, they need to infuse young talent into the secondary.

26. Arizona-CB Kareem Jackson-Alabama

They just cut Antrelle Rolle and acquired Kerry Rhodes from the Jets. They need to help at CB, Cromartie cannot do it all. Jackson has one of the biggest upsides in the draft and the Cardinals make out with this selection.

27. Dallas-OL Trent Williams-Oklahoma

With Flozell Adams losing a step, the Cowboys see their LT of the future in Williams. Williams is a great pick with the 27 selection and Dallas should be happy.

28. San Diego- DT-Dan Williams-Tennessee

They recently cut DT Jamal Williams but still may bring him back. Regardless, they need to get younger on the DL and Williams is perfect for the 3-4 defense in San Diego. They could reach for a RB, but it may be better to wait until the 2nd round. Williams weight and run stopping ability is to tough to pass up.

29. New York Jets-Arrelious Benn-Illinois

Sanchez needs more options to throw too. Braylon Edwards may be traded this year or become a free agent next season. The Jets need to bring in a WR to help out Sanchez. Benn provides a 6’2″ frame with quick speed and soon to be Sanchez’s number one target.

30.Minnesota-DT Terrance Cody- Alabama

Pat Williams is nearing retirement and Kevin may be close. Cody is a monster just like both of them and can learn a lot before they leave. His 354 pound frame can stop anyone in the league.

31.Indianapolis-DT Jered Odrick-Penn State

The Colts need help at OL but without top guys available, they grab Odrick to improve their DT position.

32.New Orleans-OLB Sean Weatherspoon-Missouri

Finally, the Super Bowl champs. They grab Williamson for two reasons. One, great value at this pick and two, they could always use another LB.

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17 responses to “2010 NFL Mock Draft

  1. Word is if Suh and McCoy go 1&2 Jason Pierre-Paul will be the pick!!!! What do you think of that Buc’s fan?

  2. I don’t think that the Steelers would take Pouncey over Iupati and if they had him target they would either trade back in the 1st or trade up in the 2nd because Pouncey isn’t worth the #18 overall pick. Good mock though!!!

  3. As much as I hope the Saints get Sean Weatherspoon, I am virtually sure that he won’t be there. The Falcons are going gaga over him and they’re not taking a CB if he’s available.

  4. Congrats on a solid mock, but Iupati or Thomas wil be selected by Pittsburgh before Pouncey (if they don’t trade up and try and draft McClain).

    That’s tough for me to say about Pouncey,because I had the Steelers taking him in the Third or Fourth, as my “2010 sleeper pick.” But, everyone has dscovered MP.

  5. The fact that Jason Pierre-Paul is even being mentioned as a top ten pick shows the craziness of the draft process. This guy should be a late first rounder if not later. He’s a project and if Cleveland wastes their pick on him or Dez Bryant, they deserve what they’re going to get. I’m not saying it’s going to happen and I did like your mock. But somebody’s going to regret spending too high of a pick on this guy. And odds are, it will be the Browns. That’s how we roll, sad to say.

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