How to fix the Lakers

If there is one player that can drastically help the Los Angeles Lakers win a title this year, it is Rajon Rondo. Now, word today from Chris Broussard, is Rondo is being aggresively shopped. The Lakers covet a point guard like Rondo, so here is how the deal would have to work.

Los Angeles gets: Rajon Rondo, Jermaine O’Neal

Boston gets: Pau Gasol and Darius Morris

It even works with the ESPN Trade Machine so everything matches up with this deal. Here are the reasons both teams make this deal.

Los Angeles: It’s obvious. They want to land a top five point guard. (They had one in Chris Paul in the beginning of the season but David Stern nixed the deal). Trading Gasol frees up the money to acquire Rondo and build on him and Bynum as the cornerstones of the franchise for the next five years. Rondo currently averages right around ten assists per game and will make it easier for Bryant and Bynum to get open looks.

In addition, players such as Matt Barnes and Metta World Peace will be more involved in the offense. The Lakers take O’Neal back in this deal as well to bring back some size at PF to help with Murphy, McRoberts and Wallace along with the fact that O’Neal will be a free agent at the end of the season.

Boston:  The Celtics make this trade because they realize they are not contenders this season and want to sell their parts and rebuild ASAP. Broussard also mentions that the Celtics don’t trust Rondo as a cornerstone of an organization for years to come and would rather build around someone else. Gasol gives them a legitimate center who still has 2-3 good seasons left in him. Pairing him with Garnett gives them the best big men in the East.

Avery Bradley is more than ready to take over at the point guard position and the Celtics could have a chance to make a run with Bradley, Allen, Pierce, Garnett and Gasol. Or, they could decide to rebuild totally and ship off Pierce, Allen and Garnett more picks/players as well. But, Rondo will be the first domino to fall if/when the Celtics sell.

Overall, this deal works for both teams and should give both the opportunity to succeed in the near future.


Jazz fans are cold-hearted

As most of you know, Derek Fisher is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. They just swept the Utah Jazz last night in Utah. Since I am a Laker fan, I loved ever minute of it, except for one thing that really stood out for me. I saw some people wearing a “Fisher Lied” t-shirt (pictured above). The announcers of the game touched on why they where wearing the shirt and I was furious when I heard the motive.

Back in 2007, Fisher was a member of the Utah Jazz but needed to be released from his contract to seek better medical treatment for his young daughter who had eye cancer. Jazz general manager Larry H. Miller granted Fisher release. Talk about a classy manager. He knows the importance of life. Unlike these two pictured above. How can you even think of your basketball team when someone’s young daughter is dealing with cancer. Basketball, at that point is an after thought.

I have never seen such an act of stupidity this crazy in my life. I hope these people realize selfish they really are. They care more about their team winning than Fisher’s daughter surviving. You have to have a heart of stone, not to feel for Fisher.