OchoCinco does charity work

Chad OchoCinco is known for a lot of things, and always draws a great amount of attention. He has tremendous plays on the football field, or he calls out opposing cornerbacks in the league. We also cannot forget his crazy touchdown celebrations either.  Now, he is doing charity work too, and OchoCinco even does that with some flair. It seems what ever OchoCinco does, it receives a lot of attention.

Most players just fly down to the Pro Bowl, play the game and leave. Not OchoCinco. He is taking a luxury bus down to Miami and on the way down he is making numerous stops to serve food to underprivileged adults and children affiliated with charities.

Everyone who bought a “Soldiers for Giving” shirt, provided themselves with an opportunity to go along with OchoCinco for the bus ride. He allowed 10 people to come along with him. They will all get flown back home from Miami. Also, Bengals.com writer Geoff Hobson is along for the ride. You can followOchoCinco’s journey on Twitter.

Not only is the a luxury bus, it has everything along with it. “We’ve got a state-of-the-art shower; 2020 state of the art,” Ochocinco says. “We’ve got a microwave. Stainless steel. Twelve bunks. Twelve waterbeds. Each one has an individual TV. If you don’t have one, we’ll stop at Best Buy. In the back we’ve got a big TV and computer whizzes.”

He’s kidding with the water-beds but everything else is true. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to me.

As long as he helps the needy, I think this is a wonderful idea.


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