Chad OchoCinco is back!


Chad OchoCinco is back to his old tricks. A year after changing his name from Chad Johnson and having a horrible year (only 540 receiving yards and the Bengals had a 4-11-1 record), OchoCinco is back to doing what he loves, having fun. Before the NFL banned celebrating, OchoCinco used to do the craziest touchdown celebrations every week. Fans loved it, while opposing teams did not. Personally, I thought it was hilarious. He was use the ball for several different tricks and everyone would always watch Bengals games to see what he would do next.

Since he is back on track as one of the league’s top receivers, he is back to having fun again. Since he can no longer do crazy touchdown celebrations, he decided to taunt opposing defenses the week before the game by sending them “gifts”. Last week, before the Bengals played the Ravens, OchoCinco sent deodorant to Ravens defenses players. “I not only sent them gift baskets, but I sent them something they could use so they don’t sweat.” OchoCinco said 105.7 FM, via the Baltimore Sun. OchoCinco came to the game fired up, had a big game receiving and the Bengals won 17-7 to improve their record to 6-2.

Earlier this week, OchoCinco planned on sending mustard to the defensive players of the Pittsburgh Steelers. “I got a nice present for the Steelers–sending them some mustard since they’ll never ketchup when we play Sunday.” Bengals head Coach Marvin Lewis didn’t allow for OchoCinco to send “gifts” this week though. While OchoCinco was upset, he now says that he wants to trash talk this week and during the game to keep himself motivated. Playing the 6-2 Steelers will be a huge game because the winner will have first place in the division. I’m sure OchoCinco will bring his top game and trash talk this week.

Not only does OchoCinco taunt defenses, he has a laminated sign in his locker that says: Still the most uncoverable receiver in the league. Wow! Talk about cocky, but I can’t help but love it. When a player knows he is great and does what OchoCinco does on and off the field, I have to be one of his biggest fans. As long as the Bengals keep winning and OchoCinco doesn’t change his name again, this should keep appearing in the NFL news and ESPN each week.

Finally, today the NFL ruled on what OchoCinco did in a game last week. A pass was thrown to him downfield and the referee ruled that he did not catch the ball. The Bengals challenged the play because they thought OchoCinco got both of his feet inbounds. While the play was under review, OchoCinco ran over to an assistant on the sidelines and asked for a dollar. He took the dollar and went up to a referee and appeared to jokingly give it to him as a “bribe” so the call would be reversed. OchoCinco was laughing the whole time so we know it wasn’t serious. He was fined $20,000 dollars from the NFL for the so-called “bribe.” Just another instance of Chad OchoCinco keeping the league on their toes, and enjoying every minute of football in the NFL.

chad bribe

Keep it going Chad. NFL fans love it.


2 responses to “Chad OchoCinco is back!

  1. Still one of my favorite names of all time. If I change mine, it’s going to be tres-tres. 33, baby! But something about Lonni Tres Tres doesn’t sound as manly as Chad Ocho Cinco, does it?!

  2. I agree, I love his new name too. His humorous name fits his personality very well. If I had two change my name it would be dos. Number 2!! Jeter!! But as you said, Jason dos doesn’t sound that interesting or manly.

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